Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Seeds of Discipline

Just recently I’ve became friends with a guy from Ecuador, a man by the name of Carlos. He is currently taking a masters study in a university from Germany and at present serves as an intern in the division in which I am currently undergoing training. The story of how he eventually end up in the country is quite long and so I would rather omit it for the sake of brevity and to help highlight my topic. There is danger if I am to divulge the events leading to our conversation (concerns time, he-he) and so let me proceed to one of the aspects of our talk that made a mark in me.

At first we were discussing studies and universities, how the concept of ‘professor’ differs from Philippines to the other such as Germany, to rice crisis and eventually to poverty. We both agreed that it seemed that rich countries are just doing the best they can right now to repay those nations whose riches and resources they had exploited in the past. Also, we both fell in the question of why, after all these years and the existence of numerous international organizations, a large chunk of the African and Asian continents are still in poverty. It was never explicitly mentioned between us, but it seemed to him that the choice was made either by these fake and puppet organizations or by the people themselves who are stricken by this evil poverty.

And so began the wandering of my mind and imagined that perhaps the fear that after all these poor nations arose from their dire conditions, they would eventually get better of these strong nation and eventually crush them. Don’t we see how some countries’ knees tremble as China rise now to power and influence? Most (W_ _ t _ rn) magazines and the like never fail to include events in the Chinese soil. I wonder why… (smugs)

Well that’s one thing. But what Carlos said later indeed etched itself in my memory. People choose to be in those conditions. A question began to form in me: and just how can you make these people go and fight the battle for survival and against poverty when they don’t even have the strength to go on because of hunger? Suddenly my mind hovered over the country just north of the Philippines, Japan. I thought hey, weren’t they devastated after the Second World War but where are they now? one of the best in the industrialization world, a far cry from the torn apart nation during the late 1940s.

Yeah, what he said contains a juice in it. I began to look inside and search for those things, plans, dreams, I have left rotting. Perhaps I chose not to fulfill them. I would agree that at some points earlier, I was made to believe that I already have no means of doing them and so I CHOSE not to pursue them at all.

In a country like the Philippines, where corruption is displayed without fears, there is a great need to create that solid resolve to end whatever thing that is needed to exterminate – corruption, poverty, rebellions, wars. Eventually I convinced myself that all things begin with a seed. And for this thing I imagined A SEED OF DISCIPLINE sown in each of the Filipinos.

From this they would START DOING THE RIGHT THINGS, however small, such as NOT SPITTING ON THE STREETS, FOLLOWING TRAFFIC RULES AND REGULATIONS, GETTING OFF THE DESIGNATED LOADING AND UNLOADING ZONE, and RESPECTING THOSE IN AUTHORITY AND THE ELDERS among other. Carlos termed the violations of such right things as CORRUPTION. (Imagine a ripe fruit having a small rotting part. This will eventually eat the thing and rip it apart.)

It is undeniable that we are a rotting nation. But for as long as there are still people who are more than willing to do something about the problems on the country (corruption, poverty etc.) the means would come handy, even if at first there seems to be nothing at all.

I personally do not want to come face to face with our forefathers who sacrificed a lot for the freedom of this country only to tell them that here we are, slaves to materialism, commercialism, and Western ideals; that we let corruption reside to the leaders; that we polluted all the natural resources; and that soon we will all going to kill the country along with ourselves and their memories.

We are wounded and mocked but we will battle on with the poverty and corruption and the vast array of problems confronting us. Lets the seeds of discipline be sown into each of us Filipinos. SHAME TO THOSE WHO HAVE RENOUNCED THEIR CITIZENSHIPS. From the shards of discrimination, the responsible, disciplined Filipinos would stand and actively fight for the glory of the Philippines.

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