Saturday, May 3, 2008

RACKETS aboard

Four cases, different stories:

Pretty old school: the salvation thing. Men are bound for hell without redemption from a true savior. The Savior came to die for all the sins of mankind. The message of salvation must be preached into the needs of the world and so we the unsuspecting passengers of the bus have to give some money. Without any complains whatsoever. Out came the brown envelopes. My action: I put in three 25 cents as I really don’t have any loose change in my pocket. But she did not ask for it later. Maybe she has forgotten it after all. I almost laughed when she coughed at the midst of her speech. I don’t know but there was something hilarious about that interruption.

Ingenious style. A man in semi-formal clothes handed out small pieces of paper containing a message. (See picture.) Then went on to show off his products. Well the people seemed to got along with his modus operandi as he seemed to had many sales. As for me, I did not buy any. I had no budge
t for such expediencies.

New one. A certain bus operation closed down because of the case filed against the owner. But upon the closure of the business, not an of the supposedly benefits for the employees was given back. And so they are asking for some help that the passengers can extend to them as they fight for what they think is due to them. Well I gave because I could relate to their difficulties. Panalo rin ang raket nila sa ibang pasahero.

Super old style. A member of a certain tribe in Sulu. And now he gave out envelopes asking for some help. Pure beggary. I did not give any. I have no money for such stupid and obvious advances to unsuspecting passengers like me. Besides, he seemed so strong enough to work for his money.

Just look at how poverty can move people to do weird things. (sighs)

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