Sunday, April 6, 2008

Trees and Trees and Trees

I think that I shall never see,
Sceneries as lovely as those trees…by the South Super highway

Well, well, well. I’ve been traveling to and fro this past week to Manila for a bunch of errands. Awarding ceremony, shopping (the best part), OJT stuff, resume, among other. I really like it when I am mobile. For one, I get to read some reading materials coherently. I don’t know but I find it more convenient to read in a moving vehicle. And also observe people, buildings, and sceneries outside.
The main highway leading to Manila from the south is getting a make-over right now and one has to take with him or her substantial amount of patience, in case you get stuck in traffic. (At least I felt I was drugged when I was on my way to Alabang that the heavy traffic did not that afternoon, in any way, boil the contents of my head. I usually get easily irritated when the things I’ve planned ahead do not materialize on the times I thought they’d get done.)
One thing I’ve just observed from my trips was that they’ve cut down or severed several trees by the highway to make way for some expansions of the highways. I don’t know but I felt alarmed by how they just cut down those trees. I just hope that for every tree that they are cutting down they are planting the same number of new trees as replacements, at least in the immediate vicinity of their former places.
Just now, I remember the project of Senator Loren Legarda, Luntiang Pilipinas. Although I am not so sure if it is still operational, I hope that activates such as that still exists in the country.
(Sighs.) It’s getting a little disappointing here now. (Hey Filipinos! Can we do something about the things happening in the country now? Weyk ap!)
Read about Luntiang Pilipinas:

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