Thursday, April 10, 2008


And so it turned out to be my first (should I say serious) interview outside my teenage years. Experience-wise, I would say that it gave me that hint that there is still more beyond the bounds of seriousness and province-limited works to which I have initially set myself to.
There was already a cold feeling on my stomach, coupled with the all-too-familiar paced up heart beats as I made my way to Quezon City. I brought the book by Albert Camus (La Peste) I was reading to consume a few chapters but it seemed that I cannot go on for another chapter after that short one I’ve just read. I was nervous even before I realized it.

And hell, hell preview is the last thing that I wanted. Of course, since I was young I’ve been brought up into this thinking that Manila (NCR as a whole I mean) was a big dirty city, full of smog and all sort of bad germs etc. Setting aside this seeming prejudice, I REALLY felt that it was scorching heat all over the place where I dropped off. I even made a stupid move to stay under a small tree just to shield myself from those indifferent UV rays when there was in fact a waiting shed just a few meters away. (Heck, I’m not a resident there and so I am entitled to my own kookiness, so to speak).

I finally tracked the avenue I was looking for, and one heck of an avenue (it was lllooooonnnnggg!!!!). As a rule of thumb, I always proceed with the “right” – right turns, right of that building, etc. But it was the first time that I turned left and so found myself walking under the noon heat, along this foreign avenue, looking for that building I was instructed to visit. (Maybe it was the heat that compelled to think that AVIBA is really that same as VIBAL. Darn that heat!)

To shorten this “hot” adventure of mine, I’ve finally found myself at the gates of the publishing house I was looking for. I would not blame my earlier nervousness to the apparent inside convulsion (of fear + pessimism perhaps?) but rather point my accusing finger to that Jollibee Sundae. I love sundaes (well since I first made it a special object last year: recall that Sunday Sundae. Anyway…)
Natatae na ako dahil sa content na gatas nito!

But as I was trying my best to control that utterly undesirable feeling at that moment, I beheld the scenery that was right before me. I was at the 3rd floor (or rather, what I thought was the third floor). From where I stood, I got good glimpse of that spires of the Iglesia ni Cristo. I thought, hey this is the main church of this religion, here in QC. But then, that is still to be confirmed. Well, I will admit that such move to look outside and look for beauty when in a turmoil is a thing that I’ve learned from my Electromagnetic Theory I class (or specifically, from the instructor). Despite the contempt I have before and (surprise!) even after the class, I could say that at least I’ve learned a thing from him and which I had used (thank, thanks, thanks) prior to my interview.

And so all went well there. (Cheers!) In fact right at this moment, I really should be writing those assignments of mine or else I would not get any job at all (can I say that it’s really a job? I dunno.)

And ultimately, the thing that was that I’ve learned a bunch of scattered lessons that I find really hard o write about – those sort of things that get to reside into your mind and get so stuck there, fully realized, but unable to get a hold of them if you are to write about them. I know it’s kind of a weird thing but then again, anyone is entitled to his or her eccentricities. (Laughs).

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