Thursday, April 10, 2008

The (GOAT)CCI Gang Noise

Just a short note on the issue of the now-famous Gucci Gang

I would find it personally tedious to make a definite line dividing the definitions entitled to the words “freedom” and “liberty”. No more than an ordinary physics student, I dare not deal into the realms of debate unprepared and lacking the necessary skills. And so for now, let the word “liberty” suffice for what I would like to talk about here. (Courtesy of one of the versions of the WordWeb: “freedom of choice”).
For just within a month this issue has taken the country by storm, if not the whole world. And as has been an integral part of the showbiz in the Philippine context, the involvement of big names (read: those whose photos and names are often seen in wide circulating magazines and newspapers) just add to its flavor and attractiveness.

In brief: the story is all about a guy who has been cheated by his partner and took away with him a large sum of money (seventy million I think?) intended for business endeavors. And he now wants to get it all back which proved to be more than just really intending to have them back. Things have gotten really complicated in there - in the blog, that is. (Read the stuff for yourself.)

Resultas, Discussiones
And so we now have this: almost half a million hits to the site, hundreds (perhaps thousands) of people hooked into the latest developments of the topic, some of them have been reported to join in and open up all-new hot things to discuss and to which yet big people could be possibly drag into.
I just hope all will go well, that he’ll finally have want he wants, to serve him well. That’s plainly understandable. And those who must be punished or must be dissociated from the issue let them be. Gossip is one heck of a spice of life but ultimately we want our lives to be as peaceful as possible (from my own point of view).

Well I just hope that it’s not just another clanging of things for unnecessary pursuits; that it’s not all but noise. We all have the ‘liberty’ to voice out those concoctions of thoughts from within but not to point of making it a show-off show. It’s so undesirable today, when the present administration is hounded by corruption controversies to which we must be vigilant. Add to that the almost synchronized (or is it pre-calculated) increase in consumer product prices. We cannot afford to bask under in the sweetness of unconfirmed lifestyle-related stories for too long, gossips etc., when a large number of the country is still under that thin dreadful red line – that line of poverty. We really hope, I really hope.

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