Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In Search for the Truth (?)

It was a date I have secretly marked on my planner, making sure I would be free on that particular day. But most of the time, we are not in control of our lives and so I found myself, just as when the program was just starting, in front of the computer, trying my best to figure out how those torrents will work (and they did to my utmost relief). Well it was rather late when I have finally obtained what I need (for that classical mechanics stuff) and off I went to fulfill the plan I had.
There were those certain awkward feelings I felt rumbling inside me as I tread the streets to the Student Union Building yesterday. For one, I am in a sort of 50-50 thinking about the dialogue/forum. I just tried to content myself with the expectation that well I could see for myself if there was anything worthy in that activity.
And so I found a throng of heads outside SU. It was still small ‘numerically’ but in relation to the size of the SU outside grounds, I could say that it’s good that a substantial number of people came – to ask, to get involve, to listen. For all I know, the pervading goals for most, if not all, of the people there was to see in person the man behind the noise about the ZTE-NBN Controversy; none other than Jun Lozada. (A classmate of mine told me he is called around the campus as JLo…well huli ako lagi sa mga ganyang bagay.)
The part of the program in which I have found myself is the ‘question and answer’ portion. The organizers
gathered questions from those who came and these were then read on the microphone on the stage and Jun would answer. Now what about his answers?
Most of them, I think he answered as sincerely as he could, taking careful note of what the questions really are and providing coherent responses in return. Well he turned some into humorous jokes (which resulted to a number of photos sessions to those who asked the question) but did not at least diminished the flow of that portion.
Every one is entitled to his or her opinion right? Well there were those questions that he answered quite unclear, mostly starting to pretty related answer and then diverging somewhat and finally giving statement outside the line of the question. Well there questions that were quite silly not just to answer but even to hear and there were some that were really hard to answer publicly, too sensitive to put it in a nice word.
The awkward feelings? It
was born on the first time I joined a rally in Calamba (woah there were ABS-CBN cameras there at that time!). It seems some parts of those activity (rally or forum or dialogue) gets beyond what is/are expected of them. Unreasonable to a large extent. I personally do not have anything against such activities. I myself want to get involved in their ‘search’ for the truth, for the eradication of corruption in the public offices (I am a staunch dreamer you know) etc. But heck, there are limitations, distinct or implied. If we really are for the truth we must not speak of things that we are not quite sure as well. We may be throwing stones at the wrong persons. We could shout until out lungs dry out but there must be some logical basis for those actions. We do not want to be compared or line up with those we profess we detest (i.e. corrupt public officials, liars etc), do we? And please vandalism is big no no! (I know I am guilty of scribbling stuff on school chairs but at least I am trying to change that habit). To deface the Oblation is a big disappointment on the part of the students. (Of course, who would paste those posters there expect those who are more likely to be involved in demonstrations or similar things. I do not expect an ambulant vendor pasting OUST GMA stuff, haha). Anyway, let us just be cautious and clean in our ways, I mean in organizing activities like that.
I am personally happy that the forum/dialogue pushed through. I once heard Satur Ocampo on the radio and he said that discussions are one of the ways of enlightening the people especially about the events happening around us, perhaps more particular to the government.
In Search for the truth? Count me in. But let us know to what extent we must be in. =)