Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Right to Know

Going over the news last night was like hovering over the Philippine archipelago and seeing all the events all at the same time. Not an omnipresent god I might say, but more of a vigilant citizen so aware of what is happening today.
Days have passed of those passive existence when most of us, if not all, just go on with our own private lives, and not minding what are printed on our newspapers, heard on the radios, projected onto the televisions, or flashed into the videos uploaded on the internet. There is more than just having our respective pieces of peace.
The future of our country is right on the stage today, seemingly judged whether it will be having a good story or not. The main jurors? The senate? No. The other officials perhaps? No also. It is us, it us. We, the citizens, are the ones who should be able to make the decisions not just for our future but also, as I’ve already said before, for the future of those unborn.
The trust given by most of the Filipino people (assuming that she really won the elections fairly) is now marred with controversies, not just because of the present broadband kickback stuff, but has actually been incurred for the past several years, amounting to a number of issues involving election fraud, corruption, among other.
Can those in position blame the people for whining now? Do they have good grounds in shunning the outcries of those workers as heard from different places across the country? A big no! All of their functionalities, their works, their actions, their decisions, are all accountable to the people. Didn’t we vote for them? And so with all the recent events all seemingly connected those in the Palace, isn’t it just right for us to demand a concrete, coherent, and solid explanation from them and more so, evidences that will prove wrong the witnesses the people are now considering heroes for speaking the truth? And if ever they fail for these, then it will just be reasonable for us to demand for them to step down from their offices.
The country has suffered long enough from the indifferent hands of the foreigners, from tyrants, from oppressors. We cannot afford to let ourselves be subjected again to such sufferings and deceptions especially from our own blood lines. The Filipinos deserve more than just economony-genius-looking-people-but-rotten-and-corrupt-in-their-actions.
Let the people be in this present state of urge and agitation to know the truth for as long as the truth that they want, that they deserve to have, for which they have the right to know, is not out there in the open, exposed for all the world to see.
I have all the reasons to think that public offices should be manned with only one thing in mind: to be able to serve the Filipino people…truthfully and faithfully.

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