Sunday, December 2, 2007

Magnetic Tapes Live On

Who said that magnetic tapes have already met their demise? Well, this is not to convince myself of the fact that indeed, cassette tapes have passed the period of fame and glory and to justify to myself at least that the existence of the bunch of cassette tapes in my shelf is still worth boasting. (I'm just waiting for the time when cassette tapes would become antiques items that people would flock to where I am and ask me whether I could let them see what cassette tapes look like.) 

Anyway, to make things short, I am again currently listening to a dug-up tape (beside the Coheed songs I've been immersing myself to for the past few months) released just five years ago.

It is simply entitled Nirvana and it contained a collection of the most memorable songs of the famed grunge band. The accompanying paper (is that called the inlay?) was filled with a short narration of David Ficke on how the band, fueled by the creative mind of its front man Kurt Cobain, rise to stardom until that fateful day in '94, when Kurt was found dead in a garage. It also essentially gives us the feeling on how their music have touched and shaped, well, the music scene at least in that part of America.

For me, it gave me some sort of pride, having a legend beside me at home. I particularly like the live recording of one of the songs, just forgot the title. And also the 'classic' Sliver. I've been hearing that song since childhood and so it struck me as something familiar and close at heart.

I am no half-way through my hunt for tapes and tapes and tapes. Not only do they come cheap, (actually bought old rock band albums for as low as 10 in Mandaluyong) but also give you the intensity that one seeks in listening. Well, I could enumerate a thousands advantages of those iPods and Mp3s but tapes give me satisfaction in a unique way. Joy stand-alone.

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