Sunday, December 2, 2007

Into the Realms of the Curfew

There come the times when we find things exciting, surprising or at times even appalling. The recent event gave me a feeling of a navigator in a time travel coupled with the mixed feeling of dread and excitement.

The past week has rendered me quite a weak person after all those mind-boggling concepts and a million times skirmishes with yellow papers to be passed to our indifferent professors. On that particular Thursday, I found the occasion to snooze for a few hours and hungrily filled in the dull hours sleeping. But sleep did not come as comfort but rather as a mixed experience of nightmare and unwanted daydreaming.

Late in the afternoon, I witnessed clogged roads in this part of the province. Which was highly unusual given that it was only Thursday. If something have happened (which in fact is true as any one of us know now), then I did not notice it at that time.

Four hours later I found myself in semi-deserted terminal with the intense cold wind all around. I filled in the time again, this time observing the place with my tired eyes. There were the food stores with those infamous incandescent lamps lighting their spaces. There were two young giggling women, running to and fro, chasing each other. There were also a group of men, most likely drivers, absorbed in their cards, of what game or gamble I could only make a wild guess. Then there was the lone crippled man, standing by the light in the waiting shed. Buses were parked in the dark corners of the place, waiting for the next working day to come. The place is a picture of innocence, like a small child unaware of its surroundings. And at the very moment, I was part of that innocence.

Later I was running through the highways of the neighboring province, looking out to the trees and houses clothed in shadows and coldness. At the back of my mind was the feeling of dread, injected to me by the news that have finally reached me. An attempted coup d' etat in Makati. And an incoming curfew for all of us.

And so later I have amassed the full story, thanks to the TV news and that Voice biscuit that saved me from a full empty stomach. But I reached my final place minutes after the mark decreed by the Forces. And you could but feel it all around you, slightly penetrating your skin with dread, like the very streets where you feet stand are glowing charcoals tickling you. I was in the place and time where no one is permitted to be. I've just entered the realms of the curfew. Now describe to me your own experience.

I made it home safely and enjoyed the profound silence that have enveloped the city. 
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