Sunday, November 4, 2007


Whew, it was but one heck of an experience. The last time I herded a motorcycle was I think in high school. And I seem to remember that I had to tow it home 'cause it completely failed to start after I have gone several meters away.

Well now it seemed that all those bad memories of naive motorcycling has gone away.

To be able to buy a ticket home, with no extra funds to go to the ticketing office, I had to resort to a borrowed motorcycle. And yeah, to think that I was vaguely familiar with its operation, I managed to run on it with my a lovely one on board (hehe) and I was able to roam almost half of the city in that island province.

The best so far of all my self-driven road experiences. Cheers!

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kityah said...

guguluhin kita! hehe.. jowk lng!