Tuesday, November 27, 2007

L e t t e r s l e t t e r s l e t t e r s

Whew, just spent almost half the day bringing in letters to schools for the contest.

Hope that it will pay-off. I'm targeting all those schools.

I hope it will all come out successful; at least from my own definition of success.

Gotta wrap up this song and tread back to school for the orientation...and that free movie

Friday, November 9, 2007

Warning Against Hazing in Recruitment Processes

University of the Philippines Los Baños
College, Laguna, Philippines 4031

Office of the Chancellor

October 8, 2007

Administrative Order No. 127
Series of 2007

TO: All Head of Student Organizations (Through the Office of Student Affairs)

SUBJECT: Warning Against Hazing in Recruitment Processes

In support to the UP System's efforts to ensure that our constituencies remain safe from those exhibit propensity for violence, we call your attention on the need for your organization to uphold our rules and the law against hazing, rumbles, and other related activities.

It has come to our attention that the recruitment processes of some academic student organizations in UPLB have some resemblance of hazing. We hereby warn your organizations against engaging in this practice and direct you to review the provisions of Republic Act no. 8049 otherwise known as the “Anti-Hazing Law” and the Revised Rules and Regulations Governing Fraternities, Sororities, and Other Organizations which was approved by the UP Boards of Regents in its 1091st meeting on October 24, 2005. These documents are available at the Office of Student Affairs.

(Sgd) Luis Rey I. Velasco

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Whew, it was but one heck of an experience. The last time I herded a motorcycle was I think in high school. And I seem to remember that I had to tow it home 'cause it completely failed to start after I have gone several meters away.

Well now it seemed that all those bad memories of naive motorcycling has gone away.

To be able to buy a ticket home, with no extra funds to go to the ticketing office, I had to resort to a borrowed motorcycle. And yeah, to think that I was vaguely familiar with its operation, I managed to run on it with my a lovely one on board (hehe) and I was able to roam almost half of the city in that island province.

The best so far of all my self-driven road experiences. Cheers!

25th SPP PHYSICS Congress