Sunday, October 7, 2007


(A sketch of Maxwell Boltzmann)

And so ended my brief encounter with such a praiseworthy professor. Thermal and Statistical Physics and Structure of Matter courses on the way to a period. I hope to pass with flying colors. I cross my fingers. Just posted this sketch I've dug up from my PDF files. The drawing looked very much like Sir, except the shape of the body of course.


Indeed, I am. After almost ten months.

Monday, October 1, 2007


I would like to hear from you (if there are any readers out there).

Comments are now welome, whether you are are a Blogger user or not, you can put now your comments, suggestions, everything under the sun!

12:27 a.m.

You wouldn't believe it.
It was as if I was stung. It was the most striking of all dreams. Prayers do make things alot more different.
12:27 a.m. I started documenting such an almost fantastic experience of all.
Red was the costume, red was the costume.
(I am starting to wish it was all but true.)