Monday, September 24, 2007


It was like meeting your soul mate of sort. Minus the romance factor.

I can still feel the numbness in my head, a feeling that you would normally have in an aftermath of fever. A strange sense of placidity is still overwhelming me. Yes, an atmosphere quite similar to the area directly on the eye of a storm. It is this feeling of calmness that makes me feel completely different.

I realize it just now, that it is the form of revolution that is needed by our country now.

Not in changing our political configurations

Not in the manners (with a possible exception of the economic matters) in which we think fit for the Philippine setting.

I have just realized now that this too-much-mentioned culture of science is the thing that needs to be cultivated and consequently nurtured by the people. Science. A real big deal actually as far as I can see it. To be in the company of those who fully have this realization was virtually more than I could chew in those moments. I could hardly manage to construct any concrete thoughts that would somehow reinforce my almost shattered innocence, for lack of a better word to use.

Way below I stand in the setting, in this starting scenario, with a background not so suitable for such a scientific battle. But with this fully loaded realization, I don't think any thought of retreat is welcome.

I did not found the career that I would really want to pursue. I have found my proper destination to which I must begin building pathways to. It is a formidable task, as was discussed in that bricked coffee shop. But one must act now, and I mean now, to know if it is the most efficient solution among the feasible ones.

A scientific birth it was. Or maybe a 'PHYSICal' birth. Whatever it was, I can be certain of one thing: it was the single thing that have made so great an impact in my life.

I believe in God. God be with us in this endeavor.

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