Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Manila International Book Fair 2007

I'm looking forward to this. It was way back 2005 when I last treaded (literally walked) the street to World Trade Center. I was on my slippers then, with my all-too-worn-out corduroy pants from my mother. I was able to shake hands with Mayor Lito Atienza and see volumes of books in one big place!

As far as I can remember I bought an Einstein book of essays, and then a thrift edition of Mark Twain's works. Then a book on Rizal's life. What else? And a whole bunch of free fliers and pamphlets! i was not able to buy a Quoran bacause it was already out of stock. And that book on Penal Code (I was enrolled in a Philo class then under an attorney and so I was pretty immersed in 'legal' stuff).

And the SPP team was there with Sir Marvs having their exhibits.

If I'll have the money to go there this year, I will, I will.

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