Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An End to Innocence by Sheldon Kopp (A Brief Book Review)

I prefer t
o call it a brief review as I have not really finished reading it, but I am halfway through with the book. Sometimes one gets to face books that would really change you in certain ways. And this Kopp craft is something of of that kind.

The book started
out with statements I thought was from the likes of the people who follow Krishna. I tell you, you might feel all too awkward as you might see yourself being described on the pages of this book.

One thing that I learned (and will not likely forget) is the concept of pseudo-innocence, which (unknown to me) I have been 'enjoying' for almost nineteen years. It threw me out of the attitudes and beliefs I have been holding and keeping sacred for many years. Although there are many terms I am not quite familiar with, I did get what the author was talking about, just like having your life projected on TV, and accidentally you were able to watch it, in vivid colors.

It is indeed a hard thing to convey everything in one single entry. Let it suffice that having a notion that you are special in this particular world do have many disastrous things in return, primarily aimed back at yourself. This is but one example of the things said and discussed in the book.

“If we are not to miss out on those random moments of happiness that adults may have, we must learn to give up the deceptively comforting illusions of childhood. We can be free to live our lives as we choose only if we are willing to risk facing the often unforeseeable consequences of out acts, knowing that there is no one else to take care of us. Partial freedom and limited happiness are all that are available. But to receive the rewards of even those less-than-perfect bounties, grown-ups must pay the price of the loss of innocence.”

Kopp, Sheldon. An End to Innocence: Facing Life Without Illusions.
New York:Bantam Books, Inc., 1983.

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