Sunday, December 30, 2007

EurasiaChem 10 Take Two!

Whew. Last days, last days. it will be a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness as thousands of chemists will troop to the Philippine International Convention Center for the 10th Eurasia Conference for the days January 7-11 this coming year.

Heck, although it would seem a bit awkward of me, a physics student, to go there and have "fun" (for lack of a better word to use) with them, I am just looking forward to the experience that I will gain from it.

I think there will be some sort of trade fair, let's see, ah.. T2ECH Fair I think where the non-participants can go.

Well, for the participants...PHP 5,500.00 for the students.
Gotta secure the overheard funding before Friday next week.
For those who are quite interested in looking at what the conference is all about, you can view the Souvenir program at:

You can check out Poster 13 on Page 54. So I wish you chance reader all the best for this New Year.

Monday, December 24, 2007


We're at the last days of the year. I borrowed ten books from the library and I hope to get them done before classes start again. Quite agitated by how calm one of our teachers seem to deal with us.

I think I just have to prepare for the next conference stop. I feel quite out-of-place since it is all about a different field but I would just want to gain experience from it. 

Money, money, money. Need them now. (And a job please?)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Into the Realms of the Curfew

There come the times when we find things exciting, surprising or at times even appalling. The recent event gave me a feeling of a navigator in a time travel coupled with the mixed feeling of dread and excitement.

The past week has rendered me quite a weak person after all those mind-boggling concepts and a million times skirmishes with yellow papers to be passed to our indifferent professors. On that particular Thursday, I found the occasion to snooze for a few hours and hungrily filled in the dull hours sleeping. But sleep did not come as comfort but rather as a mixed experience of nightmare and unwanted daydreaming.

Late in the afternoon, I witnessed clogged roads in this part of the province. Which was highly unusual given that it was only Thursday. If something have happened (which in fact is true as any one of us know now), then I did not notice it at that time.

Four hours later I found myself in semi-deserted terminal with the intense cold wind all around. I filled in the time again, this time observing the place with my tired eyes. There were the food stores with those infamous incandescent lamps lighting their spaces. There were two young giggling women, running to and fro, chasing each other. There were also a group of men, most likely drivers, absorbed in their cards, of what game or gamble I could only make a wild guess. Then there was the lone crippled man, standing by the light in the waiting shed. Buses were parked in the dark corners of the place, waiting for the next working day to come. The place is a picture of innocence, like a small child unaware of its surroundings. And at the very moment, I was part of that innocence.

Later I was running through the highways of the neighboring province, looking out to the trees and houses clothed in shadows and coldness. At the back of my mind was the feeling of dread, injected to me by the news that have finally reached me. An attempted coup d' etat in Makati. And an incoming curfew for all of us.

And so later I have amassed the full story, thanks to the TV news and that Voice biscuit that saved me from a full empty stomach. But I reached my final place minutes after the mark decreed by the Forces. And you could but feel it all around you, slightly penetrating your skin with dread, like the very streets where you feet stand are glowing charcoals tickling you. I was in the place and time where no one is permitted to be. I've just entered the realms of the curfew. Now describe to me your own experience.

I made it home safely and enjoyed the profound silence that have enveloped the city. 
Photo Credit:

Magnetic Tapes Live On

Who said that magnetic tapes have already met their demise? Well, this is not to convince myself of the fact that indeed, cassette tapes have passed the period of fame and glory and to justify to myself at least that the existence of the bunch of cassette tapes in my shelf is still worth boasting. (I'm just waiting for the time when cassette tapes would become antiques items that people would flock to where I am and ask me whether I could let them see what cassette tapes look like.) 

Anyway, to make things short, I am again currently listening to a dug-up tape (beside the Coheed songs I've been immersing myself to for the past few months) released just five years ago.

It is simply entitled Nirvana and it contained a collection of the most memorable songs of the famed grunge band. The accompanying paper (is that called the inlay?) was filled with a short narration of David Ficke on how the band, fueled by the creative mind of its front man Kurt Cobain, rise to stardom until that fateful day in '94, when Kurt was found dead in a garage. It also essentially gives us the feeling on how their music have touched and shaped, well, the music scene at least in that part of America.

For me, it gave me some sort of pride, having a legend beside me at home. I particularly like the live recording of one of the songs, just forgot the title. And also the 'classic' Sliver. I've been hearing that song since childhood and so it struck me as something familiar and close at heart.

I am no half-way through my hunt for tapes and tapes and tapes. Not only do they come cheap, (actually bought old rock band albums for as low as 10 in Mandaluyong) but also give you the intensity that one seeks in listening. Well, I could enumerate a thousands advantages of those iPods and Mp3s but tapes give me satisfaction in a unique way. Joy stand-alone.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

3D Walkthrough


 Visit the new Interactive section of the Makati Standoff site at for 3D walkthroughs showing government troops and armored personnel carriers after the successful assault on the forces of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

The Makati standoff ended after government troops lobbed tear gas into The Peninsula Manila lobby and an armored personnel carrier rammed the hotel's main entrance.

Photo Credit / Source:

Down With

Okay. And so there came an announcement that have literally pulled down my esteem.
Well, life pushes through and must strive to finish the course.
We'll put up the night lights for further studies.
(Puffs smoke)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

L e t t e r s l e t t e r s l e t t e r s

Whew, just spent almost half the day bringing in letters to schools for the contest.

Hope that it will pay-off. I'm targeting all those schools.

I hope it will all come out successful; at least from my own definition of success.

Gotta wrap up this song and tread back to school for the orientation...and that free movie

Friday, November 9, 2007

Warning Against Hazing in Recruitment Processes

University of the Philippines Los Baños
College, Laguna, Philippines 4031

Office of the Chancellor

October 8, 2007

Administrative Order No. 127
Series of 2007

TO: All Head of Student Organizations (Through the Office of Student Affairs)

SUBJECT: Warning Against Hazing in Recruitment Processes

In support to the UP System's efforts to ensure that our constituencies remain safe from those exhibit propensity for violence, we call your attention on the need for your organization to uphold our rules and the law against hazing, rumbles, and other related activities.

It has come to our attention that the recruitment processes of some academic student organizations in UPLB have some resemblance of hazing. We hereby warn your organizations against engaging in this practice and direct you to review the provisions of Republic Act no. 8049 otherwise known as the “Anti-Hazing Law” and the Revised Rules and Regulations Governing Fraternities, Sororities, and Other Organizations which was approved by the UP Boards of Regents in its 1091st meeting on October 24, 2005. These documents are available at the Office of Student Affairs.

(Sgd) Luis Rey I. Velasco

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Whew, it was but one heck of an experience. The last time I herded a motorcycle was I think in high school. And I seem to remember that I had to tow it home 'cause it completely failed to start after I have gone several meters away.

Well now it seemed that all those bad memories of naive motorcycling has gone away.

To be able to buy a ticket home, with no extra funds to go to the ticketing office, I had to resort to a borrowed motorcycle. And yeah, to think that I was vaguely familiar with its operation, I managed to run on it with my a lovely one on board (hehe) and I was able to roam almost half of the city in that island province.

The best so far of all my self-driven road experiences. Cheers!

25th SPP PHYSICS Congress

Sunday, October 7, 2007


(A sketch of Maxwell Boltzmann)

And so ended my brief encounter with such a praiseworthy professor. Thermal and Statistical Physics and Structure of Matter courses on the way to a period. I hope to pass with flying colors. I cross my fingers. Just posted this sketch I've dug up from my PDF files. The drawing looked very much like Sir, except the shape of the body of course.


Indeed, I am. After almost ten months.

Monday, October 1, 2007


I would like to hear from you (if there are any readers out there).

Comments are now welome, whether you are are a Blogger user or not, you can put now your comments, suggestions, everything under the sun!

12:27 a.m.

You wouldn't believe it.
It was as if I was stung. It was the most striking of all dreams. Prayers do make things alot more different.
12:27 a.m. I started documenting such an almost fantastic experience of all.
Red was the costume, red was the costume.
(I am starting to wish it was all but true.)

Friday, September 28, 2007


Are you in for some nice little projects?Well here's one for you guys.
I wasn't really interested in builds until one time, I found again my Korg OVD-1 and thought, hey all these years I wasn't able to buy a real nice effects pedal.
And so I dove in the net to find some huge artifacts of effects building ON YOUR OWN.
I'm currently working on three: a Fuzz Face, a Linear Power Booster, and a Signal SPlitter.

There you are!
Hope you'll find time also to make your own. DIY RULES! Rock on. =)

(Here's the site if you are quite interested.)

Monday, September 24, 2007


It was like meeting your soul mate of sort. Minus the romance factor.

I can still feel the numbness in my head, a feeling that you would normally have in an aftermath of fever. A strange sense of placidity is still overwhelming me. Yes, an atmosphere quite similar to the area directly on the eye of a storm. It is this feeling of calmness that makes me feel completely different.

I realize it just now, that it is the form of revolution that is needed by our country now.

Not in changing our political configurations

Not in the manners (with a possible exception of the economic matters) in which we think fit for the Philippine setting.

I have just realized now that this too-much-mentioned culture of science is the thing that needs to be cultivated and consequently nurtured by the people. Science. A real big deal actually as far as I can see it. To be in the company of those who fully have this realization was virtually more than I could chew in those moments. I could hardly manage to construct any concrete thoughts that would somehow reinforce my almost shattered innocence, for lack of a better word to use.

Way below I stand in the setting, in this starting scenario, with a background not so suitable for such a scientific battle. But with this fully loaded realization, I don't think any thought of retreat is welcome.

I did not found the career that I would really want to pursue. I have found my proper destination to which I must begin building pathways to. It is a formidable task, as was discussed in that bricked coffee shop. But one must act now, and I mean now, to know if it is the most efficient solution among the feasible ones.

A scientific birth it was. Or maybe a 'PHYSICal' birth. Whatever it was, I can be certain of one thing: it was the single thing that have made so great an impact in my life.

I believe in God. God be with us in this endeavor.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our Micro Four-Point Probe (MFPP / M4PP)

The group somehow succeeded in presenting that movie we have prepared for an Applied Physics subject. Up and kicking! Our professor uploaded the video at this site:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dare to Take the Cartridge

It wasn't on my plan to go and make this place an exhaust of my feelings, just like what my Friendster Blog has become. I intend to keep it that way but somehow I need to be more rational in expressing out the details of this particular event.

I already had the vague feeling that I was to go onto that red walled room, like what I used to term it in Friendster. And so I went to buy my pad of paper. It was a mixed feeling of determination and genuine fear. Determination for it was necessary to go on and face each day virtually alone. And genuine fear for like the other things I consider fragile, it was an experience and event that I would never ever want to be erased out of my memory. Yeah, like a favorite movie that you can watch over and over again if you find the time.

Off I went to the room, with all those yellow arches to the left, to the right and above me. It was like revisiting and reopening an old wound. I tell you it was hard. Yeah, I couldn't help but give a look onto that small circular table, where we used to table tap and talk of stuff. It was a sickening thought that all of those might not be ever repeated again, judging from how cold things turn out today. And so to the counter I went, as if devirginizing a lonely memory, and took an order of the ice cream cartridge. It was a complete turn around, an about face like in scouting. I broke my vow to spend the next cartridge with her.

I could have cried. I could have lost myself and shouted amongst the late diners of the store. I could have approached our table and rehearsed the table tap patterns she taught. I admit I cannot remember any of them but I feel, I feel that taking my place would help me in remembering the steps. It was all but a painful memory of G. Louie.

She is the greatest triumph and defeat. A dream come true and now a frustration.

Anyway, I made my way home enjoying my ice cream cartridge, hot fudge as was always, and all the while thinking her and of her and of her. It was after all, all about her.

(DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons, events, or places is totally a coincidence.)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Manila International Book Fair 2007

I'm looking forward to this. It was way back 2005 when I last treaded (literally walked) the street to World Trade Center. I was on my slippers then, with my all-too-worn-out corduroy pants from my mother. I was able to shake hands with Mayor Lito Atienza and see volumes of books in one big place!

As far as I can remember I bought an Einstein book of essays, and then a thrift edition of Mark Twain's works. Then a book on Rizal's life. What else? And a whole bunch of free fliers and pamphlets! i was not able to buy a Quoran bacause it was already out of stock. And that book on Penal Code (I was enrolled in a Philo class then under an attorney and so I was pretty immersed in 'legal' stuff).

And the SPP team was there with Sir Marvs having their exhibits.

If I'll have the money to go there this year, I will, I will.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An End to Innocence by Sheldon Kopp (A Brief Book Review)

I prefer t
o call it a brief review as I have not really finished reading it, but I am halfway through with the book. Sometimes one gets to face books that would really change you in certain ways. And this Kopp craft is something of of that kind.

The book started
out with statements I thought was from the likes of the people who follow Krishna. I tell you, you might feel all too awkward as you might see yourself being described on the pages of this book.

One thing that I learned (and will not likely forget) is the concept of pseudo-innocence, which (unknown to me) I have been 'enjoying' for almost nineteen years. It threw me out of the attitudes and beliefs I have been holding and keeping sacred for many years. Although there are many terms I am not quite familiar with, I did get what the author was talking about, just like having your life projected on TV, and accidentally you were able to watch it, in vivid colors.

It is indeed a hard thing to convey everything in one single entry. Let it suffice that having a notion that you are special in this particular world do have many disastrous things in return, primarily aimed back at yourself. This is but one example of the things said and discussed in the book.

“If we are not to miss out on those random moments of happiness that adults may have, we must learn to give up the deceptively comforting illusions of childhood. We can be free to live our lives as we choose only if we are willing to risk facing the often unforeseeable consequences of out acts, knowing that there is no one else to take care of us. Partial freedom and limited happiness are all that are available. But to receive the rewards of even those less-than-perfect bounties, grown-ups must pay the price of the loss of innocence.”

Kopp, Sheldon. An End to Innocence: Facing Life Without Illusions.
New York:Bantam Books, Inc., 1983.

Click here to buy the book:

10th Eurasia Conference Acceptance Notice

Was so happy to have our abstract accepted for the 10th Eurasia Conference. Although already anticipated, I was nevertheless more than thankful in receiving a letter of acceptance from the committee. I still have five months at most to save and have the registration fee for the conference, not to mention the money it will cost me in printing the poster. This is good enough for me, well, not only to compensate for the next year that will be consumed in the university, but also to build my confidence and writing skills (if I have any).

Friday, August 24, 2007

Monday, July 30, 2007

Ang UPCAT Review Namin, Bow

Solve na solve para sa akin. Medyo nakaaantok dahil medyo kinulang sa tulog pero nasayahan naman ako sa mga bata. Aba'y ang IINGAY at TAWANAN NANG TAWANAN. Aba naman. Enter Marlon with his placard: SILENCE!!! Daig pa ang babae sa boxing ring na may dala-dala nung board na naglalaman ng round number.

At si Marlon nga pala ang Pedro Penduko ng Review. At Bryan, si Janus del Prado ka raw? Makukulet talaga ang mga participants pero compared sa first day, mas tahimik sila ngayon.

At si Bading (ayun tawag namin sa kanya) ang siya pang nagpapatahimik.

Bow tayo kay Ma'am Glaiza at kay Research Analyst Claudine Lawrice! O yeah. Sayang hindi nakarating ang mga na-invite pang magrereview. Pero salamat sa mga brods and sisses na buong pusong nag-discuss sa pulutong ng mga batang yun.

Special thanks pa rin kay Sir Virgilio Y. Prudente for letting us use two rooms in MSC for the review.

Bow. Goodluck sa mga mag-eexam. Jah bless you.

Ang mga paborito kong comments:
“...tsaka ang baet ni Kuya Francis hahaha!...”
“Mas maganda kung may libreng food...”
“Ang cute ng 4 boys....”

Gotta dive in muna sa physics books for the exam.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

2007 KAPWA sa UPLB UPCAT Review (Day One)


Ayus, may napapuntang mga reviewers.

Solve ang token, may na-cute-tan, hehe.

Medyo screwed yung induction.

Physics, physics!

Math, math!

Bio, bio!

And the top school is...

Por Di*s, por santo! PLEASE OBSERVE SILENCE!

10. Bukas ulet. Jah be with us.

Monday, July 23, 2007

2007 KAPWA sa UPLB UPCAT Review

Sa lahat ng kukuha ng UPCAT at sa mga fourth-year students, kasang kasa na po ang UPCAT Review.
Punta tayo sa VYP-MSC High School sa Artemio Fule Street sa San Pablo City, Laguna.
Sa July 28-29, Sabado at Linggo.
(Pasasalamat kay Sir Ike Prudente sa pagpapahintulot na gamitin ang kanilang lugar.)

Sunday, July 15, 2007


* poster presented in Davao (2006)

* poster presented in Manila Hotel (2007)

The ones I have made so far.

The NAST Annual Scientific Meeting Experience

It was one heck of an experience. We got the chance to be with the leading scientists of the country and academicians as well. Although we weren't able to finish the conference, I think it was still worth it (especially the coffee and tea galore). And although the theme primarily concerned educators, the atmosphere was conducive for students like us.

Lastly, even if I
did not have the chance to present the poster to any person, I was quite satisfied to see people (students primarily) and take note of our research and even take picture with it.

Monday, July 9, 2007

25th SPP Physics Congress

CALL FOR PAPERS! The 25th SPP Physics Congress will be held from Oct 24-26, 2007 at the UP Los Baños.

The theme for this year's Congress is "Liknayan: Susi sa Pagtuklas ng Kalikasan (Physics: Key to Discovering Nature)."

A. General Information
The Congress will include plenary, invited and contributed papers and workshops. The workshops will feature
hands-on laboratory experiments, lively demonstrations and small-group discussions of Physics and Physics
Education topics. The workshops will be conducted by leading physicists and experienced physics educators of the country today.

B. Contributed Papers
Manuscripts reviewed and accepted are in the following technical areas:

1. Research Sessions
Atmospheric Physics, Complex Systems, Computational Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Image and Signal Processing, Instrumentation Physics, Lasers and Their Applications, Material Science, Optics and Photonics, Physics in Medicine and Biology, Plasma Physics, Theoretical Physics, Superconductivity

2. Physics Education Sessions
Physics Education Research, Learning Techniques, IT in Physics Education, Original Laboratory Experiments,Physics Concepts and Misconceptions
C. Important 2007 Dates

Workshop Proposal
Workshop Proposal Deadline 1 Feb (Th)
Paper Contribution
Submission Deadline 1 Aug (W)
Acceptance Notification 1 Sept (S)
Camera Ready Manuscript 15 Sept (S)

The 24th SPP Congress
Early Registration Deadline 28 Sept (F)
Start of Congress - Day 1 24 Oct (W)
End of Congress - Day 3 26 Oct (F)
Congress field trip 27 Oct (Sat)

D. Registration Fees
Registration fees will be announced on July 2007 and posted in this website. It covers registration and congress kits. It does not include accomodation and the cost of the field trip.

E. Additional Information
For additional information, feel free to contact the SPP National Secretariat via or e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it You may also contact us through telefax number 02-4365341.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Start a new Blog!

...with a headache.
Gotta dive in to sleep real soon!